The Leader in Premium Golf Shafts


AccuFLEX incorporates a proprietary multi head filament winding manufacturing process. This process uses a computer controlled, multi head winder.  A Filament wound shaft is the most symmetrically (round) shaft made, and exhibits a consistent "frequency pattern" around 360* of the shaft.

All Filament winding is not Created Equal
The "knock" on filament wound shafts have been they are too harsh and break easily. The main cause of this is, too much resin and not enough fiber content, or lack of premium composites. Well AccuFLEX has broken through this barrier, like no other shaft company before, with the AccuFLEX proprietary processes.

AccuFLEX is able to use less resin, more fiber, and exotic composites while computer controlling each segment of the shaft, to tune the performance based on a particular swing type.

AccuFLEX Filament wound shafts have No Seam, that combined with our proprietary manufacturing process and high grade materials, makes for a more consistent, high performance product.

A2 Technology increases the feel, durability and playability of each shaft. This is accomplished by using more of the exotic materials, while reducing the resin content, creating less voids in the material and in turn creating tighter tolerances, which all relate to better performance.A2 Technology

A2 Technology is a combination of two processes.
Number one, AccuFLEX's proprietary manufacturing process.
Number two, exotic high tonage composites.
AccuFLEX has sourced the best quality graphite, composite materials not even previously available to the golf market.


Nanotechnology enables us to control matter at a smaller scale than we have ever been able to before.

The process of applying the nanotech enhancement involves either a dipping or spray applied in raw form, followed by a normal curing process.

The benefits of working on the nano level will vary depending on the products enhanced. Nanotechnology has amazing applications in the area of life sciences and medicine, electronics and in other materials related to building, construction, clothing and just about every other product you can think of. In the case of graphite golf shafts, AccuFLEX Golf’s Nano Composite technology enhancement increases the surface area of our shafts thereby creating a tighter molecular structure. This means that shafts that are enhanced with AccuFLEX Golf’s Nano Composite technology have less voids in the fiber, tighter tolerances and can feature lighter weight with more fiber density. Nano Composite technology shafts are also stronger, have faster recovery with less shaft deformation while transmitting better feel.