AccuFLEX Golf’s Tantrum PT Shaft Shatters Two Long Drive Records With One Swing

Gastonia, NC - AccuFLEX Golf Shafts would like to congratulate Mike Dobbyn on his record breaking drive. Two Long Drive records where simultaneously shattered when Dobbyn used an AccuFLEX Tantrum PT shaft to drive the ball pin high on the 552 Yard Par 5 18th Hole at Dragon Ridge Golf Club during a Harmon Tour event he was competing in. The previous record holding drive of 539 yards by Scott Smith and the 515 yard PGA Tour record drive by Mike Austin, which has been untouched since 1976, are now just a figment of our imaginations. Dobbyn took the AccuFLEX Tantrum PT shaft deep and set a whole new standard for golfers to shoot for. 

“I’m amazed at how far these players are hitting a golf ball these days,” said Jody Baucom, President of AccuFLEX Golf. “I’m just glad Mike did it with our shaft. This is a record that I think will be around for a long time and we’re very proud to be a part of it. I mean who drives the ball pin high on a 552 Yard Par 5…Mike Dobbyn and his AccuFLEX Tantrum PT shaft…that’s who!”

About The AccuFLEX Tantrum PT

The Tantrum PT will be offered in a 75 gram weight range with three flexes to handle anything that a long driver can dish out. It will feature a silver “velvet” finish and will be offered in very unique form of X, XX, and XXX flexes. What makes these flexes so different from other long drive shafts that have been produced in the past is that the butt frequencies are considerably low for an LD shaft. The same Nano Composite Technology that is used to construct the already tour proven AccuFLEX Evolution and Creation shafts was used in the Tantrum PT. 

TantrumPT = High Launch ; Low Spin 

This is a result of AccuFLEX Golf’s New Nano Technology Engineering. With the bottom 2/3 portion of shaft containing proprietary Nano Composite, the materials used become denser and cover a larger surface area. This tightens the middle and tip of the shaft allowing us to soften the butt which will promote playability and feel without increasing spin. The shaft produces a mid – low penetrating, but boring, ball flight that every long driver is seeking out now days. 
AccuFLEX Golf's international design team uses the finest materials available along with the company's unique, proprietary filament winding process to make its premium line of advanced design composite Golf Shafts. AccuFLEX Golf's Evolution became the first Nano-Technology shaft to win on Any PGA Tour at the Virginia Beach Open on April 24th, 2005. AccuFLEX Golf shafts have Won A Tour Championship, Three Major Championships, Twenty-Four Tour Wins (on various PGA Tour's), Hundreds of Top Ten Finishes and 13 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships, in the past five years.