Gastonia, NC - AccuFLEX Golf Shafts announced today that their AcccuFLEX Creation and JLG Ultraboom Shafts are featured in the newly released EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 08 video game. These two AccuFLEX shafts are available as upgrades in the game and include descriptions, photos of the shafts and product specs. When players earn enough money they are given the chance to upgrade their driver, irons, putter, and shafts. Thanks to EA Sports, now “video golfers” all over the world will have the opportunity to play The Fastest Growing Shaft On Tour!

EA Sports Tiger Woods is the #1 selling video golf game in the world and the new Tiger Woods 08 was just released to the public today, August 28th. 

“We’re so excited to be working with EA Sports and have our shafts featured in the #1 selling video golf game in the world,” said Jody Baucom, President of AccuFLEX Golf. Honestly, a few years ago, I could have never envisioned one of our shafts being featured in a Tiger Woods video game. But now it’s a reality…and that’s some pretty elite company to be associated with. We’re just so proud to be a part of it. You can bet that whenever I play, Tiger will have the AccuFLEX Creation in his bag.” 

AccuFLEX has quickly become “The Fastest Growing Shaft” on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions Tours…results like this prove it.

AccuFLEX Golf's international design team uses the finest materials available along with the company's unique, proprietary filament winding process to make its premium line of advanced design composite Golf Shafts. AccuFLEX Golf's Evolution became the first Nano-Technology shaft to win on Any PGA Tour at the Virginia Beach Open on April 24th, 2005. AccuFLEX Golf shafts have Won A Tour Championship, Three Major Championships, Twenty-Three Tour Wins (on various PGA Tour's), Hundreds of Top Ten Finishes and 13 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships, in the past four years.

EA Sports and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 08 are in no way associated or affiliated with AccuFLEX Golf.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 08

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